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Landscaping Wollongong NSW Co is the leading local landscaping company in the Wollongong area. Our professional landscaping contractors believe that an attractive and quality garden landscape can add a lot of value to a property. Throughout the years, we have helped many Wollongong homeowners by constructing a garden landscape that brings out the best of their property.

● 5-star garden landscaping professionals
● Expert landscaping contractors who enjoy helping people make upgrades to their properties
● High level of quality on every job we perform
● Expert advice on achieving the best garden landscape design for your property
● Fully licensed and insured professionals that take safety seriously

A lot of work goes into creating the right garden landscape for your property. Many Wollongong residents weren’t aware that they need a building permit for certain landscaping work. The team at Landscaping Wollongong NSW Co always manages to obtain the building permit on behalf of our customers. When you hire Landscaping Wollongong NSW Co, we take care of all of the important details to ensure your new garden landscape is constructed safely, legally, and to a high standard of quality.

Every property in Wollongong has the potential to be appealing. The right garden landscape for your property can instantly take it to the next level. We focus on constructing landscapes that are stylish and low maintenance. Our team also provides a variety of landscaping services so customers can make the most of their outdoor area.

● Garden landscaping construction
● Retaining walls & tiered retaining walls
● Paving
● Lawn installation & more

If the current state of your property’s landscape is preventing you from planting a garden then now is the best time to reach out to Landscaping Wollongong NSW Co. Our team is accepting new customers in Wollongong and surrounding communities.

You can rest assured of beautiful landscape gardens and lawn with our professional contractors who follow all local  guidelines.

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Professional Landscapers In Wollongong NSW

Landscaping Wollongong NSW Co wants to make every customer’s garden landscape is a place they will enjoy spending time in. A variety of services are needed to make a garden landscape top tier and our team is proud to offer them. We take pride in constructing landscape gardening services that catch a homeowner’s eye.

Check out the following services we provide to property owners in Wollongong and surrounding areas.

Landscape Gardening Services

Make your property more appealing with quality landscape gardening. Landscaping Wollongong NSW Co can construct a landscape that will make your garden beds a lot more attractive.

Retaining Walls Services Wollongong

Retaining walls are one of the top solutions for keeping a raised garden bed protected. These stylish rock walls are a natural way to give your property more curb appeal.

Paving Services Wollongong

Paved areas are essential for every garden landscape. They create attractive walkways so people avoid stepping on your plants and soil. We can also create a paved area for patio furniture.

Lawn Installation Services

Your garden landscape isn’t really complete unless your yard looks stunning. If your lawn isn’t up to your standards, we also provide lawn installation services so you can have a full green lawn.

Wollongong Landscaper offering great services such as paving landscape gardening retaining walls

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Landscaping Wollongong NSW Co did an amazing job. Everything looks even better than I imagined it would. The team was friendly and helped me make the right decision for my property. I can’t say enough good things about these contractors.
Ruby M.

Wollongong Landscaping Benefits

If you want to plant an outdoor garden, you will need landscaping that you can work with. The right landscaping can give you an attractive area with more space for your favourite plants. It will make your garden experience safer, easier, and require less maintenance.

Believe it or not, there are actually many benefits to good garden landscaping. When you hire contractors who value the beauty of outdoor spaces, they will consider all the benefits to ensure you get a quality garden landscape that you’re proud to show off.

Landscaping Wollongong NSW Co is the #1 local company to hire when you need garden landscaping services. We follow all local council guidelines and stay up to date with all industry standards. We want all of our customers to know about the benefits of hiring landscape gardening services. If you need a landscapers, call us now.

Feels and Looks Great

Landscape gardening makes a huge difference when it comes to how your garden bed looks. Landscaping Wollongong NSW Co designs and constructs landscaping that works with your property to bring out its beauty. With landscaping, you will end up with a garden area that’s a lot more appealing than simply building a flower box in your backyard.

Wollongong residents love to spend time outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather. When they invest in garden landscaping, they will have a low-maintenance area to spend time in that looks and feels great. Properties always look better with stylish garden beds.

Perfect For Entertaining

If you like to host gatherings and barbecue dinners, then you need to consider having a nice outdoor setup. With the right garden landscaping, there will be space to set up a seating area surrounded by gorgeous scenery. Your friends and family will be impressed by how stylish your new garden beds look.

When you take the time to set up an attractive garden bed, it can take your house to the next level. Your neighbours will be impressed with the new scenery and your property may become one of those homes that people always notice when driving by.

Low Maintenance

Hiring a landscaping contractor can make gardening a very low-maintenance activity for you. The team at Landscaping Wollongong NSW Co can build a gardening landscape that requires very little maintenance on your behalf. These areas give you the perfect setup for garden beds where you can easily plant your favourite flowers and plants.

All you will need to do is care for your plants to maintain a stunning garden. Maintaining a growing garden won’t take up a lot of your time or effort.

Increases Value of Home

Landscaping is an investment that could pay for itself in the future. When you decide to invest in professional garden landscaping services, you will be making a huge improvement to your property. This will add serious curb appeal to your home and increase its value.

If you make the decision to sell your home in the future, you will attract more high-ticket buyers with an attractive outdoor area. The improved landscape and stylish garden beds won’t go unnoticed by potential buyers. Garden landscaping services are an excellent investment for your Wollongong property.


Landscape Gardening

Gardening is a fun hobby that can also add value to your home. If you want to create a garden bed that will impress your neighbourhood you need to consider the landscape design. Landscaping Wollongong NSW Co is the leading local experts that specialize in landscaping for gardens. Our landscaping contractors can take your garden design to the next level.

Every property looks better with landscape gardening. No property in Wollongong is too challenging for our contractors. We can even create a stunning landscape for you to work with around decking and fencing. The Landscaping Wollongong NSW Co contractors will construct landscaping that works with your property to maximize its appearance.

Whether you have a vision in mind or just know that you need a change, the team at Landscaping Wollongong NSW Co is ready to hear from you. We can work with you from the very first step to ensure we build a garden landscape that meets your expectations.

Do you find yourself looking at your yard wishing you had a space for your favourite flowers or to grow fruits and vegetables? Our contractors can construct your landscape to give you a garden area that’s functional and attractive. Give us a call today for a free quote.


Retaining Walls

Unless your property is on a completely flat surface, your garden landscape will need retaining walls. At Landscaping Wollongong NSW Co, our landscaping contractors have a lot of experience building retaining walls and tiered retaining walls from rocks and stones to create a protective wall for garden beds.

Why should you invest in retaining walls? With retaining walls and tiered retaining walls, your property can have raised garden beds in any area. Slopes and uneven terrain aren’t challenges when a retaining wall is involved. A retaining wall also helps to keep soil, mulch, and plants in place safely.

Retaining walls add a touch of class to properties in Wollongong. It is a natural and affordable solution for attractive garden landscaping designs. A professional landscape designer will always recommend one to make a property more appealing.

When it comes to having a retaining wall built on your property, it’s important to consider appearance and quality. A reputable landscaping company, like Landscaping Wollongong NSW Co, will be able to build a retaining wall that will stay intact for decades to come. When we build a retaining wall on your property, it will withstand any storm mother nature sends your way.



Paving is an important part of an appealing garden landscape in Wollongong. There are several ways in which paving can add to the beauty of a nice garden area. If you don’t want visitors stepping on your plants and soil, creating a paved pathway will let them know where to step.

If you want to enjoy your garden setup, then you may want to set up patio furniture or a barbecue nearby. Landscaping Wollongong NSW Co can create a paved section in your garden landscape specifically for this purpose. This will make your new garden landscape even more enjoyable.

Our contractors can create a new paved area on your property or remove existing concreting and replace it with new concrete so it looks and feels better. We are experienced with using machineries, such as an excavator or skid steer loader, to ensure the job gets done efficiently.

When you decide to improve your property’s garden landscaping, it’s important to think of all the details you want to complete the job. Landscaping Wollongong NSW Co will make sure all the finishing touches of your landscape garden design turn out just as you visioned them, if not better.


Lawn Installation

A gorgeous garden needs to be surrounded by a lawn with lively green grass. Ask us about our lawn installation services when you contact Landscaping Wollongong NSW Co about landscape gardening services. Our team of contractors wants to ensure all of our customers have an appealing property, complete with a lush lawn.

If you have burnt or dead grass, lawn installation is the fastest and easiest way to add new life to your yard. All homeowners should have a gorgeous lawn that they enjoy looking at. Having a nice green lawn can bring up the curb appeal of your property.
Having a nice lawn doesn’t have to require a lot of maintenance on your behalf. Our contractors can install an irrigation system so you don’t have to worry about your lawn drying out during periods with little rain. This in-ground sprinkler system will keep your lawn hydrated so it continues to grow at a healthy rate.

Landscaping Wollongong NSW Co wants all homeowners to have a lawn that makes their homes more attractive. When you’re ready to improve the state of your long, get in touch with us to learn more about our lawn installation service.  All customers in Wollongong and surrounding communities will receive a free quote. If you need a Wollongong or Illawarra landscaper, call us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you pay for your landscaping project can vary greatly, depending on a wide range of factors, such as the size of the area to be landscaped, the amount of preparation that is required to get the site ready to be worked on (such as removing debris, trees, soil etc) and finally, what you have in mind. The price of materials can also vary greatly so depending on the final plan the cost of this can vary. As a rough idea though, a very basic, small and simple project could be a few thousand dollars, and a larger, more complicated one could be upwards of $50,000.

Depending on how big the area is, how much preparation work is required first, and how much labour will be needed, it could be a day or two up to a few weeks for an extra large job. Always allow extra time as well in case there’s bad weather which can slow down the works.

We sure do – we can visit you on site and discuss the project with you, get an understanding of what you’re looking for and what your budget is, provide some suggestions and then we can go from there.

A freshly landscaped backyard can increase the value price cost of your property.